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The Senior Nordic Dancers will be traveling to California to perform in several venues at the end of July and beginning of Augus. Here is their itinerary.

Senior Nordic Dancers and Orchestra performed at Estes Park, Colorado on June 26 & 27, 2010. You can view a five minute video of highlights. Pictures from the trip can be found under the pictures link or by clicking here.


The Junior and Senior Nordic Dancers are two groups of young people that help us remember the traditional folk dances of Norway. Located in Decorah among the beautiful bluffs of northeast Iowa, the Nordic Dancers were founded in 1966. You can click the pictures link at the left to see more pictures of both the Junior and Senior Nordic Dancers.

Nordic Dancer History

The Nordic Dancers of Decorah, IA are a unique group of folk dancers. The Nordic Dancers consist of two groups; the Junior Nordic Dancers and the Senior Nordic Dancers. Every five years the Junior Nordic Dancers become Senior Nordic Dancers and third graders audition to become the next Junior Nordic Dancers. In addition, the Nordic Dancers are accompanied by the Nordic Dancers Orchestra, a group of talented young musicians who accompany the dancers for all the dances they perform.

The Nordic Dancers were started in 1966 to dance at Decorah's annual summer festival to celebrate our Norwegian/Scandinavian heritage, the Nordic Fest held anually the last full weekend of July. The Nordic Dancers have danced at many locations including Chicago, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Disney World, Door County, Mason City, Des Moines, Colorado, and the country of Norway. The Nordic Dancers are accompanied by a live orchestra when they dance. During the ten years a group of dancers is together, they will perform approximately one hundred times and learn over thirty dances. The costumes they wear resemble that of traditional Norwegian dress.

The complete history of the dancers is provided here.

Performing for You!

We would love to perform for you at your festival or event! The length of program can be adapted to suit any need, and can range from one half hour to an hour or more. People of all ages enjoy the performances and spectators are frequently invited to participate in learning a simple dance or two!

To see our dancers performing, visit the video link. The Nordic Dancers know over thirty Scandinavian folk dances. A few of those dances are recorded here to give you a glimpse into a Nordic Dancer performance. Each dancer contributes his or her own personal style to the performance, which we hope brings greater enjoyment to the audience.

We would like to come and dance for you! If you or your organization would be interested in featuring either the Junior or Senior Nordic Dancers for a special event please contact one of the directors.


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